The most amazing
place in Lisbon
for freelancers, creatives, designers, programmers, nomads, architects, translators, teams, copywriters

Coworklisboa first opened in 2010 at LxFactory and it is a reference
among the new shared and flexible workplaces in beautiful Lisboa.

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Here you can have your own desk and use it as you wish. Manage your schedules, benefit from networking and develop new projects.


We welcome those who are passing through for just a few days with open arms. Would you like to network, share ideas or have a shared meal with the residents? Here you can do all that.


A creative workplace where small companies have all the conditions to grow and develop team work. Here you can find solutions to establish your own business.

Looking for a great venue to your events and workshops? Contact us.

A creative space in Lisbon

When we mix people with different ideas and projects in a space we get diversity.

Designers, scientists, translators, programmers, architects, photographers and marketeers are the ingredients of a great creative and collaborative broth.

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A supportive network

To unlock an idea or to introduce you to someone you need.

All that since your first day as a coworker at Coworklisboa.

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A real community

This is the main focus of Coworklisboa.

Our community is alive, approachable and active. To enter Coworklisboa is to be part of a big family. Here no one is left behind. Ana and Fernando manage this space in the only way they know: with their hearts.

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Choose your vision of work

Book either a Nomad plan or a DUO desk for all your team. You can change your work desk when you want. There are no hidden fees for other services.

Flex Desk

Desks for when you really need one.

You can come every day and use a desk of your choice. You only need a laptop or a tablet. Coworking awaits you!


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Fixed Desk M

Fixed work desks for those who don’t use large systems.

You have all included from the cable internet access to the printing service.


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Fixed Desk L

Need more space on your desk because you have one of those XL monitors.

Here you have access to all services available and you’re able to install all your setup.


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Work for you no longer depends on a desk? Use you smart phone or laptop in the lounge area of Coworklisboa.


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DUO Desks

It takes two to Tango they say!
That’s why our DUO desks are the perfect fit for you and your co-founder, partner or your boy/girl friend. Onde desk, two coworkers!


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A room for events, trainings, presentation of a project, talks or whatever you want.

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*All taxes included.

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Book a free test and have the experience of working in Coworklisboa. We offer a free maximum of two hours from Tuesday to Thursday between 9.00am to 6.00pm. Form this experience you will leave happier, with new professional contacts and, perhaps, with new friendships.

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Contacts & Location

Rua Rodrigues Faria 103
LxFactory - Edifício I - 4º Andar
1300-501 Lisboa, Portugal


phone: +351 216 066 960

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